About Us

ESÉLY (Chance) Social Public Foundation of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, Hungary

Our organisation is a public foundation.

It was founded by the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County Self-Government in 1990.

Our main tasks: increasing the social chances of disadvantaged group – with supporting programs, services in individual, group and community forms. Giving professional assistance for the institutes, organisations and experts dealing with disadvantaged social groups – with trainings, publications, strengthening their network connections, encouraging their co-operation, improving their innovative skills.

Our organisation has been an adult training institution since 2003 with trainings for disadvantaged people and social professionals. At present we can offer 4 accredited trainings for social professionals and 11 other trainings.

We have been rehabilitation accreditated employer since 2006:
– we have labour market services to help people with changed working ability find job on the primer labour market (mentoring, counselling, developing their employability)
– we have been employing 3 workmates with modified working capabilities.

We managed the Family, Equal Opportunity and Volunteer House in our county between 2007-2018. In 2018 the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok Chance (ESÉLY) Association (our new Association) took over the programme. This programme is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources, State Secretariat for Family and Youth Affairs. We organized events for disadvantaged people such as disabled people, families with many children, the youth, Roma people, women, the elder generation. The aims of the programme are: reducing the segregation, discrimination and social exclusion and strenghtening the tolerance to disadvantaged groups. Under this programme we have been organising professional round tables, too.

We have been taking part in national projects for developing of rural areas and social economy:
– professional assistance for social land programme and operating the professional network of the social land programmes (supported by the Ministry of Human Resources); related documents are: The social land program-in general; The social landprogram was 25 years old
– development of social cooperatives
– managing projects of farm developing (supported by the Ministry of Agriculture).

We have been managing EU funding projects (mainly supported by European Social Fund) as main applicant or consortium partner in accordance with our aims (in the field of volunteering and for strengthening the families). We have been partner organisation in a project for the roma people’s integration for organizing community events for the target group and operating the professionals’  and experts’ Support Team .

We took part in international project (Horizon 2020), called INNOSI:Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening Communities in Europe Programme as an impact partner (2015-2017). Our task was to mobilise and disseminate the knowledge and research findings of the programme. More information: www.innosi.eu and http://eselyfk.hu/minden-mas/innosi.

We have been taking part as a consortium partner in another Horizon 2020 project, called: CoSIE: Co-creation of service innovation in Europe (project number is 770492)  between 2017-2020. for developing a pilot co-creation project – household economy programme in the rural areas in Hungary – with the University of Debrecen.

More information about the project:

cosie.unideb.hu (in Hungarian)

https://cosie.turkuamk.fi/ (in English)

Youtube channel of the programme in Hungarian:


The organisation has been hiring offices which are well equipped with the necessary technical tools and has a passenger car.


Ilona Dr. Nagyné Varga is the director of ESÉLY (Chance) Social Public Foundation of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, Hungary.
She has more than 20 year experience in developing and managing projects on labour market and social integration of people with several social disadvantages.
With her leading the Foundation has implemented several projects with joint financing of Hungary and the EU. Much of the projects dealt with the solving the problems of groups living in rural areas of the country.
Her main specialty is the national methodological activities of the social agricultural land programs. With mandate of the departmental ministry the organization managed by her is in contact with the national network of the social agricultural land programs (250 settlements a year on the average) and gives professional supports – trainings, programs, brochures, researches – for those who are managing the local programs. Numerous publications have been written related to this field.
As an expert on developing of the social economy and establishing and managing of the social co-operatives she contributes to several national projects.
She is the chair of the Council of NGOs in Szolnok City, Hungary as well as chair of the National Association of the Regional Resource Centers.
She is a member of the National Association of Actuators of the Social Agricultural Land Programs, Hungary.

List of her 6 projects or activities:
Since 1998 our organisation ­ with a national scope ­ has been a methodological, professional developing centre of the network of the social agricultural land programs. We are in daily contact with more than 200 programs in the disadvantaged regions of Hungary. We are managing a database, published 3 booklets on good practices, organizing workshops (annually at least 2), in conferences we present our experiences (at least 2 lectures a year).
Doing the national methodological jobs of the social agricultural land programs, 2000-2008. Sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Hungary.
Doing the national methodological jobs of the social agricultural land programs, 2008-2011. Sponsored by the Institute of the Social policy and Works, later the National Family and Social political Institute, Hungary.
Project proposals for making practical and methodological studies, professional matters concerning the versatile and sustainable rural development (Publishing the book “Potentials of the organisations of the social economy”, 2013). Sponsored by the National Agricultural Advisory, Educational and Rural Development Institute (NAERDI), Hungary.
Supporting the traditional professional work shop and fair of the settlements actuating social agricultural land programs, 2013-2014. Sponsored by Ministry of National Resources, Hungary.
Study on county reading and rural developing proposals in partnership of actors interested in local developing strategies concerning Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, Hungary, 2014. Sponsored by the National Agricultural Advisory, Educational and Rural Development Institute (NAERDI), Hungary.